US Capitol Building

Sammy visits the United States Capitol Building with Attack!'s Brand Ambassador of the Month!

Thanks for the picture Scott!

United Center, Chicago

Farzad promised me my first Hockey game as long I dressed in his team colors.

Maui Babe

Getting my tan on in Maui with Scott.J

Monkey Tail

Shout out to Chris.S for introducing me to the "Monkey Tail" facial hair arrangement... So hot right now.

Cat Attack!

Catting around with my fuzzy feline friend, "Zwip".

Thanks to Josee Rivest for hosting our play date.

Getting Zen at Burning Man

Sammy only just got back from his trip to the Burning Man Festival. He needed to get away for a spiritual journey of the mind and heart. Mission Accomplished, he is extra zen now.

Thanks Christian for this dusty, beauty of a shot!


Sammy chilling out with one of his professional sumo buds Yamamotoyama. Sammy claims he beat him back in his heyday.

Thanks to Yamamotoyama for visiting the team at our LA office!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Sammy taking in a breath of fresh air at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Thanks to Attack!'s very own Punty.K on her latest road trip expedition.


Sophia 1: Sammy 0

...He didn't stand a chance.

Thanks for the pics Beth!


Sammy was in Thailand to enjoy a week of fun and site seeing!

Thanks for the great shot Vijay!


Sammy taking in Detriot, MI.

What a view!

Sammy in the Funny Pages

Sammy always makes us smile, especially in comic form!


Sammy taking in the ancient Egyptian ruins!

Thanks to our very own Claudia for the amazing photo!

Istanbul, Turkey

Eastern European adventure, Sammy reveled in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Thank you so much Santiago and Sharon for capturing these great shots of Sammy during your vacation!

Athens, Greece

Satisfying his love of culture and history, Sammy takes in the view of Athens, Greece and its many ancient ruins.

Thanks for the snapshot, S.H.!

Palm Springs, CA (New Years 2010)

Sammy in full-on recovery mode after a NYE night of indulgence in Palm Springs.


Sammy and his new friends chillin' in Cambodia.

Thanks for the photo, Carly K.!

The Legion of Honor, CA

Sammy was honored to have been invited to the 1st Annual Bees Awards, a celebration of the year's most innovative social media campaigns. Congrats to all of the winners! Looking forward to next year...

Special thanks to Attack!'s own Nancy S. for the snapshot!

San Francisco, CA

Sammy with the rest of the city of San Francisco celebrating The Giants' World Series victory. FEAR THE BEARD!!!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sammy enjoying a Buenos Aires rooftop in between spoonfuls of dulce de leche.

Thanks to Alexandra T. for the pic!